Sonicator 3000

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Probe Options
Probes (also known as horns) are titanium tools, machined to specific sizes and shapes so when driven at their resonant frequency, they expand and contract longitudinally. This mechanical vibration is amplified and transmitted down the length of the probe. In liquid, the probe causes cavitation which has the ability to process samples.

Choosing the appropriate type of probe is extremely important. The probe tip diameter dictates the amount of sample that can be effectively processed. Smaller tip diameters (Microtip probes) deliver high intensity sonication but the energy is focused within a small, concentrated area. Larger tip diameters can process larger volumes, but offer lower intensity. Probes are offered with replaceable solid or sapphire tips.

Probe tips will pit or erode over time and require replacement. Using an excessively worn tip can affect your results and possibly overload the generator. Solid probes must be used when working with abrasive samples. Please review your different probe options and contact us for assistance with probe selection.


Cup Horns
Cup horns offer indirect sonication and function as high intensity ultrasonic water baths. Samples can be processed in sealed tubes or vials eliminating aerosols and cross contamination. This method is ideal for sterile or pathogenic sample processing.

The titanium horn is held within an acrylic cup filled with water. Samples are placed within the cup, above the probe. Cavitation is produced in the water processing the samples within the tubes. Ports on either side of the cup allow you to circulate the water to reduce the heat created by sonication. A microtube holder is included with each Cup Horn.

Cup Horn

Microplate Horns
Microplate Horns process an entire microplate at one time. Similar to the Cup Horn, the Microplate Horn delivers indirect sonication. Simply place a microtiter plate within the water filled reservoir and the vibration is transferred into each individual well. This unit is ideal for high throughput applications.

If your work requires the use of microtubes or a vessel which is taller than a standard microplate, a Deep Well version of the Microplate Horn is also available. The Deep Well unit has a higher reservoir which holds a larger volume of water. More water is necessary to immerse deep well miroplates.

Microplate Horns

Flocells are used for the continuous processing of large volumes of sample material. Flocells are ideal for mixing and dispersing applications and can accomodate flow rates up to 40 liters per minute. Three sizes are available and are constructed of stainless steel. A polycarbonate model is available which allows you to see the level of your sample. The annulus and orifice sizes are variable to accomodate differing viscosity and flow rates. Custom units can be made with sanitary fittings for sterile processes.


Dual Horn
The Dual Horn allows a single sonicator and converter to process two samples simultaneously. The rectangular shaped horn doubles the unit's output, and enables 3/4" probes to vibrate with the same intensity as a single 3/4' probe.

The Dual Horn is capable of withstanding the rigors and harsh chemicals of environmental testing labs. Sonication is used by environmental labs to process soil and sediment samples in lieu of soxhlet extraction methods. The Sonicator and Dual Horn meet the EPA requirements specified in Method SW846-3550, which is referenced by the following analytical test methods (8040, 8060, 8080, 8090,8100,8120, 8140, 8250, 8270, 413.2, 418.1).

Dual Horn

Sound Enclosure
Sonication produces high pitch noise that can cause discomfort to the user and anyone in the laboratory. The Sound Enclosure significantly reduces this noise to safe levels. The internal support collar is made to safely hold the converter and probe assembly within the box. The inside of the box is water resistant and the door is made from clear acrylic so you can view your probe and sample.

Sound Enclosure

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